Top 3 most vibrant Hip Hop Night events in Ho Chi Minh
It is mind-blowing how fast Hip Hop has become mainstream and well-loved by the youths of Ho Chi Minh city. To please the savvy clientele, 3 giants of the nightlife industry have organized weekly Hip Hop night events in Ho Chi Minh city . Every Hip Hop events takes you on an unforgettable journey, guided by their resident DJs. Hip Hop music has evolved and claimed its dominant position in the most envied nightclubs in Ho Chi Minh city. The Hip Hop community does not only include break-dance and grafitti lovers, but also branches out to those who have fallen in love with the pumping beats. Don’t miss out on the lively Hip Hop Night events at the most popular nightclubs in the city.

Kasho Club – Cash Up Your Game


At Kasho, Hip Hop is a culture. The presence of Hip Hop at Kasho is in the music, the communication among people and in the way they dress. Hip Hop Night with harmonic flows and captivating Hip Hop beats by top artists: Troyboi, A$AP Ferg, DJ Fatfingaz, Big Calo,.. All these are brought to you every Thursday in a supreme swag vibe at Kasho Club. You are guaranteed unforgettable moments in a uniquely luxurious ambiance.

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Envy Club – Envy Got SWAG


Hip Hop Night every Thursday night at Envy Club has become the designated spot for the Saigon homies where everyone gets to feel the beat and have a wild time. Envy Got SWAG is the stage for the international elite DJs, e.g. DJ Tama, BinZ, Kimmese, Firebeatz,… Envy will also treat you to magnificent dance performances and deliberating mixtapes from the streets. Thursday nights at Envy surely are something you should never skip if you love Hip Hop.

Check out more information and promotions from Envy Club Here!

OR Club – Twerk it like Ori


Being a renowned high-class Hip Hop bar and exclusively showcases HipHop, Rap and RnB music, OR Club is the true Hip Hop sanctuary to all Hip Hop lovers where every night is Hip Hop Night. OR Club has carefully setup a top-notch audio system, guarantees to bring the most spectacular musical feasts to please even the pickiest clients. The professional DJs lineup with the hottest names, Molly, Bfat, Toxic, YNOT, Masta B, etc., really pump up the parties. OR Club also features star guests who are the most popular artists, such as Son Tung MTP, BigDaddy, Emily, Binz, Mr.A,… Don’t let the rainy nights in Saigon keep you away from the blazing hot Hip Hop nights at OR Club.

Check out more information and promotions from OR Club Here!

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